Enjoy Your Italian Escape Without the Touristic Traps and Chaos

Italian Escape

Italy as a country holds a lot within itself. It is way more than just a place but an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Imagine yourself sipping a cup of espresso at a side walk cafe in Rome, listening to the gentle murmurs of conversation, and simultaneously enjoying the art of Italy. Yes, you heard it right! All of this is possible to experience in your next trip to Italy. From the ancient ruins of Rome to the romantic canals of Venice, Italy has a lot to offer. 

To make your Italian escape trip planning easier, here we are sharing the list of the best cities to visit and their best times of the year to avoid crowds.  

1. Rome

Rome is one such place that would have been on every traveller’s bucket list. This capital city of Italy holds a lot of history, art culture, and mystery within itself. This city perfectly balances the new and old times together. As you walk along the streets during Italian escape you will feel as if you are experiencing some majestic museum. From the Colosseum to the amazing Pantheon Rome offers you a list of places that you definitely cannot miss out on. 

Rome, city known for its history and architecture, is major tourist attraction for visitors

List of things you cannot miss when in Rome

  • Do visit the Colosseum. It is an iconic amphitheatre built around the first century A.D. once it was the site where gladiators fought.
  • If you are a history lover then visiting the Roman Forum is a must. It is located next to the Colosseum. There you will experience the ruins of temples and government buildings. 
  • Flip a coin in the Trevi Fountain. It ensures you return to Rome but make sure you toss the coin over the right shoulder.
  • Visit the Pantheon, an ancient temple of Rome. It is one of the best-preserved buildings from older times. 
  • Do not forget to explore the Spanish Steps. This long staircase will take you to the Trinità dei Monti church.

The Best Time to Visit Rome

The best time to explore Rome is anytime between May and September. This is the best time to swim on the Italian beaches. But if you want to avoid the crowd then choose to go in January and February.

2. Florence

Florence is an art lover’s dream come true! While you are on an Italian escape can experience the vibes of Michelangelo and da Vinci here. You may explore the Duomo, a massive cathedral with a stunning dome you can climb for epic views. The amazing statues of Florence are a great example of architectural beauty.  Florence is like a feast for an art lover’s senses as it offers delicious food, gorgeous architecture, and a rich history waiting to be discovered.

Florence city, known for its marvellous architecture which captures the attention of all the tourists.

List of things you cannot miss when in Florence

  • Visit the Marvel at the Duomo. You may also climb Brunelleschi’s Dome for some incredible views of the city. 
  • You cannot miss the Uffizi Gallery to see masterpieces by da Vinci and Botticelli.
  • You can revisit the old times with the Accademia Gallery. You may visit this open-air museum.
  • Cross the Ponte Vecchio. It is a historic bridge with multiple jewellery shops.
  • Also, do not forget to try the local food. 

The Best Time to Visit Florence

You can plan your trip anytime between March to May. 

3. Venice

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy, where the streets have been replaced with vibrant water canals that show the reflection of the stunning buildings along the canal. This is a magical city filled with love, romance, history, art, and culture. During your Italian escape, you will be amazed at every step you take in the city. One of its major attractions is the majestic gondola ride which is a long, black boat steered by a gondolier in a striped shirt. It is a city of dreams. And many people nowadays also choose Venice for their destination wedding.

Venice, City located on the edge of beautiful canal.

List of things you cannot miss when in Venice

  • Ride a gondola through canals with your beloved. It will be a life-cherishing moment. 
  • Explore St. Mark’s Square which is situated at the heart of Venice. 
  • Visit the Doge’s Palace. It is a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture and is filled with art and treasures. 
  • Visit St. Mark’s Basilica, a world-famous church. 
  • I always suggest going for a walking tour of the city. This will help in absorbing the beauty of the city from a very close look.

The Best Time to Visit Venice

The best months to visit Venice during your Italian escape are April, May, June, September, and October.

4. Capri

Capri, an extremely beautiful place to have on your itinerary of Italian Escape. It is a jewel in the Bay of Naples. From Thrilling boat rides to capturing the life-cherishing moments to taking a dip in the blue grotto to various panoramic vistas, to fresh seafood to the indulgence of a Capri sandal shopping spree, Capri has a lot to offer. 

Capri, is a beautiful place located in Italy

List of things you cannot miss when in Capri

  • If you are on a trip to this beautiful island, do take a boat ride around the island. You will have beautiful scenic views of the rugged coastline and Faraglioni rock formations. You can also enjoy the famous blue Grotto.
  • Take an amazing chairlift ride to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island.
  • Get relaxed in the gardens of Augustus 
  • Also, do not forget to enjoy the local cuisines.
  • Wander through the charming main shopping street of Capri town.
  • Explore its historical center, including the Church of San Michele and the Axel Munthe House.

The Best Time to Visit Capri

To enjoy the perfect Mediterranean climate during your Italian escape, visit this amazing place in May, the first half of June, or in September.

5. Milan

Milan is a city in the northern Lombardy region. In the entire world, Milan is known for its fashion. But it is way more than just a shopping place. Don’t get me wrong, this city has more to offer than just expensive clothing. During your Italian escape, Milan will give you an eye treat with stunning structures wherever you look, visually appealing locations for Instagrammers around every corner, a ton of fantastic eateries to try, and some really terrific bars for drinks while you enjoy the view. 

Milan, which is also known as the fashion capital of the world. It is located in Italy

List of things you cannot miss when in Milan

  • Enjoy spotting pink flamingoes in ‘The Silence Quadrangle’
  • Have a calm time in the jacuzzi at QC Terme spa
  • Enjoy the Isola’s street art 
  • Go on a chilling tour of the Crypt of San Sepolcro
  • Check out the Ambrosian Library
  • Visit the Sforzesco Castle and the Arch of Peace
  •  Enjoy a performance at the Teatro della Scala

The Best Time to Visit Milan

To avoid the crowd, and feel the most of your Italian escape is April to May or September to October.

6. Lake Garda

Lake Garda offers some of the most picturesque places where you will see an amalgamation for nature’s eternal beauty with the cultural heritage of Italy. Blue water with the mountain backdrop makes it more amazing. Being the largest lake in Italy, it is stretched across provinces like Verona, Brescia, and Trentino. 

For the people, I bet Lake Garda will give you memories that going to stay with you for life. Its majestic castles, sun-kissed beaches, and vineyards will make your trip more memorable. 

Lake Garda is one of the picturesque  places in italy.

List of things you cannot miss when in Lake Garda

  • Enjoy Lake Garda’s Theme Parks like- Gardaland park, cavour water park, La Quiete Adventure Park
  • Discover Lake Garda’s Food and Wine
  • Take a Ferry or Boat Ride on the Lake
  • Ride a Cable Car up Monte Baldo
  • Hiking Trails and Gentle Strolls Along Lake Garda
  • Visit Lake Garda’s Towns like- Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Lazise, Bardolino, Malcesine, Limone sul Garda, Riva del Garda

The Best Time to Visit Milan

May, June, and September are considered to be the best time to visit this beautiful lake. 

Tuscany, a beautiful city located in the heart of Italy is a perfect destination to experience the breathtaking views of hills, vineyards, old villages, and castles. If you are one who fell for the raw beauty of the countryside then Tuscany’s farmhouses, vineyards, and olive groves is something you cannot miss out on. 

7. Tuscany, Italy

Other than beautiful landscapes, what you always cherish from your Tuscany trip is its amazing food and wine and rich heritage. 

Tuscany, is famous for amazing food and landscapes

List of things you cannot miss when in Tuscany

  • Visit the vineyards of Chianti and experience the best of wines.
  • Go for a walk on the  Alpi Apuane’s trails
  • Visit the ancient city of Cortona and experience its rich heritage. After the film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ this place has got a lot of attention among tourists.
  • Visit the Monti dell’Uccellina beach for the best beach experience. 
  • Must visit the open-air art at Il Giardino dei Tarocchi

The Best Time to Visit Tuscany

Between April and May else, tourists can visit during the period of late September and October


By now you already have an idea about the must-visit cities in Italy and you have definitely started to look for the best air tickets for your next holidays. Well, contact Haute Holidays to have the most luxurious Italian escape. We will help you create a perfect itinerary as per your demands and also help you with the best hotels and restaurants for perfect Italian cuisine.

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